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June 9, 2012 / snowvols

Daybreak Olympic Tri 2012

Have you ever given what you thought was your all but you still fall short?  Yea, that was me today.  I pushed harder today than I had in my previous two triathlons.  I got on the podium for those, but no such luck today.  This was my first go at an Olympic distance triathlon.  I went in somewhat nervous, but mostly tired.  Last night I slept awful having all kinds of dreams about doing an Ironman.  Yes, I want to be an Ironman that bad.

Once the alarm went off it was go time!  I started this morning slightly different than I have for any other race.  Instead of my usual thing of Ensure, I instead had a bagel with peanut butter.  I am indecisive if I like the change and will probably go back to Ensure since it is easier on the stomach.

If you are unfamiliar with the Olympic distance triathlon, the distances are as follows: 1500 Meter open water swim, 33 Kilometer bike ride, then a 10 Kilometer run.  For the most part, it is twice the distance as a Sprint triathlon.  The race took place close to the South Jordan area so it was super close to the house.  With the transition are opening up at 6, I was figured arriving around 6:30 would be perfect this morning.  Since I got there so early, I was treated to a lovely sunrise.  I swear I live in paradise.

Getting everything ready is always fun.  I have learned though being on a triathlon team has made prerace times so much more enjoyable.  You are able to socialize and just enjoy one another’s company.  This really helps calm myself down to focus more on the race instead of what could go wrong.  One issue I seem to have is leaky goggles.  This is one thing that really aggravates me, but I bought new goggles so I was hoping they wouldn’t fill with water.

Line up to get in the water would occur at 8, so after our usual team warmup it was time to head down to the water.  The entrance though was roughly ¾ of a mile from the transition area.  Walking that far without shoes on really made me have more respect for the barefoot runners.  Once I got to the beach, I threw my wetsuit on and jumped in for a few minutes.  My age group was the first one to be called, but I really wanted to ensure I had a good seal on my goggles since I wanted to be able to see.

The race volunteers called number 1222 so it was time for me to start swimming.  The swim I felt started strong, but I got passed.  When I say I got passed I was getting smoked by it felt everyone.  At one point I was so worried I looked back to make sure I wasn’t in last place.  I swear I swim with a controlled drowning.  I stayed calm though because I knew on the bike I could make up the time I lost.  This is what I had been able to do before at least.  The pond was pretty nice and not too much occurred in the water.  I just had to keep moving.  The swim though took me 31:36.  This also included a short run to the transition area.  Side note:  The swim was supposed to be 0.9 miles but my GPS watch recorded a distance of 1.2 miles.  Hey look at that the distance of a half-Ironman.  I think it is a sign.

Transition was pretty boring like always.  I tried to rush and get my bike shoes on and jump on the bike.  That took 1:44 which is pitiful.  I really need to focus on transitions.  The bike course I knew would be fairly easy.  It is the longest ride in a race for me, but I was ready.  The first 7 miles or so were a slight uphill, but I used that to my advantage.  Leaving the gate I went straight to the aero bars with my head down.  I was in a rather high gear and a high cadence; PERFECT! This is the way I will make up the time.  I started passing people left and right.  We got to a roundabout, but one biker went the wrong way.  I yelled at him like the good sport I am that he was going the wrong way.

We finally were out of the town and on the long straight road heading to Kennecott.  I just continued to pass people.  Coming from a running background, I like to think of myself as a somewhat strong cyclist.  Once we passed the Sprint turnaround allowed for a nice welcome with a long downhill and a sweeping left hand turn.  Taking turns at mach 12 on the bike is a blast!  The only thing bad about this particular downhill is the fact we would have to climb it again.

Of course a race will not occur without typical drama for me.  When I got to the turnaround point, this guy in a car was just hanging out right before the turn around.  SO FRUSTRATING! I yelled something at him then the cop at the intersection said a few things to me, but meh no time to worry about that.  RACING COPER!  The next 3 miles were a grueling uphill that I tried to tackle as quick as possible.  It wasn’t that bad, and I still was making progress on the field.

We finally got to the point of a fun 7 miles of pure downhill.  I was off for the races.  I love flying down people who look like they are going the fastest they can.  My max speed heading down the hill was 40.5 MPH.  That is my top speed for sure on the Blue Machine.  I learn to trust her more and more each and every race.  She is for sure the right bike for me.

Getting back into the transition area was a giant headache!  It took me 1:02 to change to my running shoes and grab my bib.  The slow down occurred while trying to leave the transition area.  People were WALKING yes WALKING to their transition mats.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? You clearly do not have the same coach as me! That is one of the sins of triathlons; walking to your transition area.  I bit my tongue so I would not yell at them.

Out on the race it was time to use a little bit of intimidation.  I was hoping for around 8 min/mile pace the entire race, but I started out much stronger than that. I figured if I could intimidate a few people if I just ran right passed them with a smile on my face and telling them they look good.  This race was different than most.  While passing people on the run, I would try to offer a compliment to them most just ignored me.  That was pretty lame.  Most unfriendly race I have ever been apart in that manner.

There were two laps around the pond we swam in earlier.  The first lap was pretty easy, but boy once I started the second lap I was hating it.  I was around 7:45 min/mile pace through the first 5K then I fell apart.  I ended the run with a time of 54:13.  The distance was longer than the 6.2 miles of a 5K though.  I ended up running 6.57.  For being a flat running course I covered quite a bit of vertical feet.  I ended up covering 584 feet in vertical.

After the race I felt like I gave it all.  I was dog tired once I finished.  I didn’t give into the little voices telling me to walk so I was happy about that.  I finally recovered and was able to then cheer on my remaining teammates that were still out on the race course.  One of the guys on my tri team we had a good time joking around with one another on who would win.  He started later than I did since I am a young buck, but I was so happy to see him cross.  He knocked off 50 minutes from his PR.  Yes 50 minutes! Holy cow that is awesome! Great job Jordan!

I knew I would not place and I did not.  I am currently in a stretch of 3 triathlons in 3 weeks.  I also leave for Canada Sunday afternoon.  This was a warmup race for my Olympic tri I have next weekend in Idaho.  I am pretty excited about this race.  We had two teammates podium and I was so stoked for Rachel.  Here is her blog.  You should check it out.  Also Chris won his age group.  My team is full of just great people in general and I swear I am on the best tri team there is.

What I Learned:

I learned I can do a sprint.  I truly believe I can tackle a half-iron today if I was given the opportunity.  I need to work on more brick workouts.  I think more bricks will really help me.  I need to get faster in the swim and run.  I am a runner true, but I really need to get faster.

What I Enjoyed:

When I was out on the bike a smile just struck me.  I was so happy.  It dawned on me I straight up love triathlons.  I am really new to this entire thing.  I have a long ways to go in order to be the best athlete I can be, but I might be better at these than just running.  I love just being so happy out on the course.  Sure I am in pain, but I am in pain with a smile on my face.

Will I race this event again:

Absolutely! The only thing I would change was the lack of finisher medals!  I wanted a medal to remember my first Olympic tri with.  Oh well! All intersections were closed so I didn’t have to worry much about traffic except the ding dong at the turn around point.  I will definitely sign up for this race next year.  I will also place next year.

After the race I ran up into the mountains.  Not many people will do a triathlon and then try to snowboard.  I have a streak of 20 straight months of being on snow.  No way was I going to break this streak.  I headed up to Alta to get a few turns in.  I was surprised by how much snow there way.  I hiked just to a ridge and there was a snow patch that nearly went to the bottom.  I just opted to get a little over 1,000 vertical feet in.  It was so nice to be on the snow. I always forget how much I miss and love the snow.  This made for 21 straight months and 79 days on snow this season.

I live in the perfect place for me.  So thankful I moved here.


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