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June 20, 2012 / snowvols

Update on myself and races

I want to first off say sorry for the lack of stories, but for some reason life sometime likes to get in the way.  I have only done race recaps lately since it seems that is all I have done.  Every day seems to be the same, wake up complain about being physically tired, go to work, work way too much, come home and train.  I know this seems extremely boring to most people, but the goals I want I have to make sacrifices for them.  Who wants a personal life anyways?

Having three triathlons the last three weeks has been rather taxing as well.  I hadn’t done an Olympic tri until two weeks ago, but I had two in a row.  I did pretty well in both.  I got on the podium on this last one, and just barely missed the podium in another.  Work has made training difficult, but I haven’t seen a huge lapse in my times.  I was slower in my second Olympic, but the first one I did had a shorter bike ride by 3 miles.  I figured the times were a wash.


Coming into T2 from one of the recent races.

I spent the entire last week in Canada doing work stuff.  I was only able to squeeze a couple of runs in.  I took my wetsuit, but I found out swimming in the pond could have gotten me in trouble.  Last thing I want to do is go to jail in another country.  So I focused on the thing I hate the most, speed work.  I ate awful and my diet changes so drastically when I travel, it is the number 1 reason why I HATE to travel.

I am glad to be back home in Utah now though where I am able to focus on my weaknesses and diet.  Those actually tie hand and hand together.  It seems I get lazy when I get home from a workout and would rather make something quick instead of wait and cook something healthy.  This is a big weakness of mine.  In order to correct them though you have to admit them though right?

I have been working on a couple more editorial type stories instead of race recaps, but I get so frustrated.  I finish it and save it to look at it later and then when I open it again I hate it.  So I delete it all to start over.  They aren’t anything difficult to write about but I just want everything to be perfect with it.  I seem to be slacking in just about every manner and I blame my lack of energy.  I put so much into my racing and work I seem to not have much time for anything else.

When I wake up every morning my legs feel as if they just ran 20 miles.  This year I have learned 2 marathons 3 weeks apart if a good way to make your legs exhausted, but I also have a trouble with this thing my Tri Team’s Coach Lora,!/blonderunner , rest?  I honestly don’t know how to do this.  I have read countless articles and heard various people talk about how rest affects your body positively, but I feel lazy when I rest.  I get so frustrated with myself and my thoughts towards myself become negative.  Then I end up running, biking, or swimming in order to clear my mind.  This might explain why my legs are always tired.

I am taking it easy when it comes to races, and instead focus on technique and speed.  I want to be the best I can be so in order to do that I will continue pushing myself.  I have learned so much about myself physically and mentally in the past year since I started racing.  I don’t feel I do too bad since I have only been running at any distance for 2 years and racing for not even a year yet.  I have been on several podiums and know I will continue to get better.  I have my weaknesses, and I am not afraid to admit them.  I have a ways to go in regards to getting to where I want to be though.  I just need time and determination, good thing I have ample amounts of both.



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  1. Brian Burk (@Cledawgs) / Jun 20 2012 2:15 pm

    Good Blog, good luck. My Blog:

  2. Snurfer / Jun 20 2012 5:08 pm

    Totally get it man. The fear of undermining our hard work affects all of us who endeavor to rise above who and where we’ve been, but it’s okay to give your self some slack once and a while. Remember, as much as the journey is about progression, its important to embrace the joy separate and apart from the toil.

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